Aikido Shudokan Malaysia Self Defense & Awareness Workshop


Location: Monash University Malaysia Campus,
Date: may, 4th, 2012
Time: 3 to 5

People have the predisposition that they know how to react if they are in dangerous situation or even think they will never get into any dangerous situation, it is good to have safety awareness like that, but things will be much unpredictable in real life.

As to avoid any unpleasant outcome when danger strikes, Aikido Shudokan Monash Club have decided to organise a workshop, with the name ‘Safety Awareness Workshop – Aikido in Self Defence’ on 4th May 2012, 3.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m., at Monash University Exam Hall. The workshop is aimed to increase the safety awareness among all the participants and to apply knowledge in Aikido in self defence. It is pleased that 20 participants had shown their unwillingness to be the victim of any dangerous situations.

Monash University Workshop 2012

The workshop was conducted by Dr Ramlan Ahmad Sensei (5th Dan) and his demonstration team comprising of Sensei Kent Yew (3rd Dan), Sensei Emma (2nd Dan), Sensei Elfira (1st Dan) and Sensei Kirill (1st Dan). Based on Sensei Ramlan, martial arts are not building a person physically, but mentally as well. A person with strong mind will hardly beaten by any difficulties. Same goes with practising Aikido, perseverance is the most important criteria for all Aikidokas throughout their journey in Aikido. With the guidance of highly experienced instructors, all the participants have certainly gained something that might help them in their future life. The event ends smoothly at 5.00 p.m. There is a certificate giving ceremony to all the instructors and also participants and light refreshment was served.

- Wong Kak Ming

Workshop was conducted by Dr. Ramlan Ahmed Sensei (5th Dan) chief instructor of Aikido Shudokan Malaysia followed by Sensei Kent Yeo , Sensei Emma Endzura, Sensei Kirill Korbout and sense Elfira Ruizna Ortega.
There were nearly 30 participants in the workshop and nearly all of them where from Monash University. The core Objective was to teach Student how to save their life using proper way of watching the surroundings and analyzing the probable danger.

Generally the workshop was conducted to two main parts:

1-Attack preventions: the Art of analysis of surroundings and danger prevention)     
2-Atack management: what to do in time of danger, what is safest to do to in life threatening situations

In first hour of the workshop, the main focus was the philosophy of self defense and the importance of pre-planning in self defense. Next, saving middle line of body by escaping from line of attack in a proper way of Aikido was taught. In this session, student had pair practice, where one student was the attacker (uke) and the other (shite) was asked to escape from the line of attack. In order to make the workshop more specialized, participants were categorized to two group, boys and girls.

Boys’ main instructions were about following topic:

-Learn how to make the attacker unbalanced and take his control centers (i.e. neck).
-Arm lock techniques
-Saving head from punches toward face
-More advanced lock techniques

Girls learnt quite different topics. Their Syllabus was as follow:

-Techniques to escape hands and other grabbed points from an attacker
-Self-defense when attacker comes from back in situation when attacker tries to grab body from behind.
-Self-defense from back in situation when attacker grabs head from back)
-Punching techniques for women
-Saving head from punches toward face

At last, Dr. Ramlan Ahmed Sensei gave his Certifications to the participants and club of “Aikido shudokan Monash and Sunway” provided dinner and group photo sessions.

- Amir Kamyar

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