2 Legends Shihan Seminar

Aikido Shudokan Malaysia Proudly Presents, For the First Time Together in Asia, the "2 Legends Shihan Seminar". Date: 28-30th of March 2014 & Public Demonstration 30th of March 2014

SEA Games Opening Demo

Aiki Team Shudokan consisting of Instructors from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, demonstrated the Art of Yoshinkan Aikido to the crowds before the start of the Judo tournament.

Aikido & Aikiken Seminar

Osu! We are proud to announce our up and coming spring event: Aikiken and Aikido Seminar with Joe Thambu Shihan, 8th Dan Aikido.

Ramlan Ortega Sensei Received 6th Dan

Ramlan Ortega Sensei was awarded his rokudan (6th Dan) on Sunday 3rd June 2018 by his teacher Joe Thambu Shuseki Shihan, a momentous occasion for the Shudokan schools of Malaysia and Singapore which he leads.

Aikido Shudokan Malaysia Buletin - February 2012

Aikido Shudokan Malaysia Buletin - February 2012.

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