Ramlan Ortega Sensei Received 6th Dan

Ramlan Ortega Sensei was awarded his rokudan (6th Dan) on Sunday 3rd June 2018 by his teacher Joe Thambu Shuseki Shihan, a momentous occasion for the Shudokan schools of Malaysia and Singapore which he leads.

Aikido Shudokan Malaysia Buletin - February 2012

Aikido Shudokan Malaysia Buletin - February 2012.

100 Years of Aikido Event - Itinerary

This October, from 11th to 14th, we will be celebrating 60th Anniversary of Thamby Rajah Sensei & 40th Anniversary of Joe Thambu Sensei in Aikido.

Aiki Ken Seminar 2012

Aikido Shudokan Malaysia presents Aikiken Seminar 2012.

2nd Penang Restraint & Removal Seminar

Aikido Shudokan Malaysia presents 2nd Restraint & Removal Seminar in Penang.

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