History of Shudokan

Thamby-Raja-SenseiThe history of Shudokan begins with Thamby Rajah Sensei. Known as "the Founder of Aikido in Malaysia". Thamby Sensei began his Martial Arts career with the study of Judo. Travelling to Japan to further his studies, Thamby Sensei trained under Harayoshi Ichijima Sensei and Mifune Kyuso Sensei, who was 10th Dan and one of the foremost teachers at the Kodokan.

Whilst training at the Kodokan, Thamby Sensei was introduced to Soke Gozo Shioda. As a result, Thamby Sensei combined his training of Judo with that of Yoshinkan Aikido. A year later, Thamby Sensei returned to Malaysia, having been awarded a Black belt in Judo and a Black belt in Aikido (the first Malaysian to achieve such status).Thamby-Raja-Sensei2

While in Japan, Soke Gozo Shioda, gave Thamby Sensei the name "Shudokan", which was to be the name of the founding dojo in Malaysia. 'Shu' meaning to study, 'Do' meaning the way and 'Kan' meaning house. On returning to Seremban, Thamby Sensei established the "Shudokan" - the place to learn the way. Thamby Sensei introduced Aikido to Malaysia for the first time. Having opened the first Aikido dojo in Malaysia and was the first Malaysian to practice Aikido hence making him the Father of Malaysian Aikido.

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